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Free Computer Repair

WE CAN HELP: Students in need of computer repair can be provided with labor-free cost


Slow Speed

How do I know I have a speed problem?

Your computer will run very slow and will seem like it is forcing itself to work. You may also hear the fan speed up once too many things are happening at the same time.

Virus Removal

How do I know I have a virus?

You may have random images pop up on your screen or hear a video playing without realizing where it is coming from.

Network Issues

How do I know I have a network issue?

You will have trouble connecting to the internet, uploading files, or watching videos.

Power Issue

How do I know I have a power issue?

You may have a power issue if your computer loses charge fast or shuts down without warning. You may also have issues when trying to plug your computer up.

Free Diagnostic

Don't know what's wrong?

We provide diagnostic services free of charge.



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